Dina Halegoua-Demarzio, MD (Investigator)

I wrote quite long post about my experience in clinical trial with Dina Halegoua-Demarzio. And if you read it you may say maybe it is one off maybe she got her guard down in Covid or something like this. How is doctor with such angelic face can do all these horrible things? She works tirelesslyContinue reading “Dina Halegoua-Demarzio, MD (Investigator)”


The most important part of my Galmed story is what transpired after they removed me from the ARMOR double blind Phase 3 Aramchol trial. Shortly thereafter the Phase 3 trial was suspended and Galmed CEO Baharaff stated that participants would be unblinded (notified whether they were receiving Aramchol or placebo). But having been already removedContinue reading “Galmed”

More About Galmed

why it is important for investors to know about patent but not for trial participant risking his life for drug that will never be marketable drug? Because Galmed is public company listed on NASDAQ stock exchange in USA. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) requires Galmed to disclose all important information to investors. Food & Drug AdministrationContinue reading “More About Galmed”

Jefferson Hospital

Don’t think that not for profit is some kind of charity. It is just a scheme not to pay taxes and get all kind of benefits as outlined in this article. It is stunning  how much money Jefferson makes and how executives getting millions in compensation. Billions in revenue, at least 30 millions in executiveContinue reading “Jefferson Hospital”


You may want to ask how is it possible Dr. Halegoua-Demarzio has 5 star Google  reviews  and not a single person ever complained about her?  Most reviews say she listens to patients. She is not a psychiatrist as far as I know.  Most reviews are from people who never review anyone and some don’t evenContinue reading “Conclusion”