Jefferson Hospital

Don’t think that not for profit is some kind of charity. It is just a scheme not to pay taxes and get all kind of benefits as outlined in this article.

It is stunning  how much money Jefferson makes and how executives getting millions in compensation. Billions in revenue, at least 30 millions in executive compensation and yet treat patients like garbage. And speaking of garbage, what percent of that executive compensation Jefferson executives need to give up and pay city of Philadelphia for garbage pickup?  Or lessen tax burden on Philadelphia taxpayers?  This is not for profit for you. It is all about profit.

Clinical trials are source of income for Jefferson. And this is just from private companies. N.I.H (U.S. Taxpayer funding) is where money is. $151M according to Jefferson.

You probably will be in clinical trial in institution you have some experience with. And it is very important to consider your prior experience when deciding to participate.

My overall experience with Jefferson over 10 years with one exception is horrible.  CEO Klasko could not care less about patients subsidizing his 5 million plus salary (double average non-profit hospital CEO salary). This culture comes from the top, so if your experience prior to trial is bad it will likely continue during trial.

I had one doctor telling me that his residents (medical doctors right out of med school) practically walk on water and if I ever complain again about them no matter what they do, I will be asked to leave practice.

 I had experience of having complicated procedure and Jefferson did not disclose that resident will be doing it. I had very serious complications and had I known in advance would never have agreed to have it done.

I had one doctor in charge of entire specialty practice who admitted that he never reads research publications and he is only one who decides what is best for patient.  That incompetence on his part ended up with me getting totally wrong prescription.

And lies with billing are non ending. They tell you test is covered in overall procedure, just to find out they lied when you get huge bill. Test that would cost $60 in Quest, you get bill for $500. And I was told that test is part of surgical fee. Ultrasound that takes few minutes at doctors office is $1200. Why? Because Jefferson owns that ultrasound machine and not doctor who just runs practice out of Jefferson building. And if you walk few feet to Jefferson outpatient imaging the same sonogram is $100. And who owns the same Sonogram machine there? Jefferson.

Pain pill after surgery I told them I don’t want, was $37, they still charged insurance and insurance did not want to pay.

Jefferson practice performed test they did not have contract with insurance that allowed them to do that test, Insurance denied. I can always receive bill for thousands because when practice is not in network like that test, Jefferson is allowed to charge just about anything. It is not that uncommon when insurance prints on their explanation of benefits that you are not responsible for non-network charges. Do not ignore it. Bills will come and collections will follow. So should I expect Dr. Halegoua-Demarzio not to be part of that culture?

But not all hospitals are the same. There are hospitals and doctors who actually lots better than Jefferson hospital and Jefferson’s doctors. It is all about culture from the top.  Jefferson treated me like garbage over 10 years while getting thousands from my insurance why I should be surprised that Dr.  Halegoua-Demarzio treated me like garbage as well? Email me, I will tell you how to find better ones. Don’t look at review sites, unless people describe something specific.  But in general good doctors are very few and most I met retired. In general younger the doctor the more likely he/she going to think he/she is hot stuff. I guess when they spent ½ million dollars on medical school they feel they entitled to treat you like garbage.